Medina Eye PS


Services Provided
  • General and problem-focused examinations of the eyes and visual system.
  • Contact lens evaluation, troubleshooting and prescriptions.
  • Nutritional and preventive care consultations and advice, with emphasis on a holistic approach to comprehensive health and well-being.
  • Primary evaluation, second opinion and confirmatory consultation:
    • Cataracts Refractive surgery
    • Dry Eye
    • Ocular surface disease
    • Macular degeneration
  • On-site access to full service Optical with a wide range of distinctive Eyewear and James Martin, LDO, a licensed Optician at your service, with expertise in prescription sunglasses, advanced lens design, premium frames and also cycling and sports eyewear for all ages.
  • Coordination of care with primary and specialty physicians, Naturopaths, Optometrists and all allied health care practitioners. • 24 hour, seven days per week availability for urgent needs.
  • We only schedule one patient at a time: patients receive our undivided attention and we endeavor to minimize waiting and ensure optimal privacy.

MEDINA EYE PS – Ophthalmic Consultants of Bellevue welcomes you to a better approach to specialized ocular health care. Focus is on personal attention, optimal technology for measurement, diagnosis and treatment, a holistic/integrative approach to care and creating a pleasant environment for your visit. We are trained and equipped to assist with most eye and vision care needs: routine screening, eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions, management of acute and chronic eye diseases and unbiased consultation to determine if cataract or LASIK, PRK, lens-based or other refractive surgery would be a good option. No matter what the concern, you will find us ready and able to assist.

Some of the conditions we evaluate and help manage: dry eyes, macular degeneration, blepharitis, headaches, eyelid growths, diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, glaucoma, uveitis/inflammatory eye disease, cataracts, nevi, floaters, foreign bodies, school vision complaints, night vision compromise, computer monitor-associated fatigue, keratoconus, post-LASIK/post-RK/post-injury prescription, vision and corneal problems, ocular complications of chronic medication (Plaquenil/hydroxychloroquine, tamoxifen, etc.), difficulty obtaining comfortable and effective eyeglass prescriptions and unsolved ocular concerns of any kind.

Emphasis is placed on communication and being attentive to individual needs.

Some aspects which help us transcend ordinary eye care:

• Stanford University (BS with Honors), UC San Francisco (MD) and Harvard-trained Ophthalmologist Certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology in 1996 and recertified 2007* personally performs all aspects of history-taking, examination, measurements and testing. Findings are interpreted and discussed with the patients immediately, with attention to answering questions and providing clear explanations.

• “Linear” patient flow: we only see one person at a time and give them our full attention.

• The best technology--from around the world--available for eye care: Marco/Nidek integrated refraction system (supporting quicker, less stressful, more accurate eyeglass prescriptions), Oculus GmbH Pentacam (3D imaging of the eyes optics and corneal health) and Easyfield (faster and friendlier testing of the field of vision), Ziemer Pascal Dynamic Contour Tonometer for the most precise eye pressure measurments, Optos Daytona Wide-field imaging system for retinal evaluation without pupil dilation always being necessary, and the Zeiss Cirrus Optical Coherence Tomographer (OCT), offering state-of-the-art micro-evaluation of retinal and optic nerve architecture.

• Belief that technology must enhance, but not replace, the physician-patient interaction and communication.

• Central Bellevue location with easy parking, close to the Bellevue Collection, Business District, Washington Square and within walking distance of many residences and office buildings.

• Emphasis on nutritional and systemic influences on ocular and general health. We want to take care of you, not just your eyes.

• Immediate access to Medina Optical, Inc.,** with a full-time--and truly available--Licensed Dispensing Optician for advice and capability to address all your eyewear needs. James Martin, LDO understands and works with lens and frame design and engineering: “TLC” and quality without compromise.

* Board certification was lifetime until 1992, after which it became time-limited to 10 years, after which the physician could elect to re-certify. Dr. McMillan re-certified in 2007, but decided not to pursue re-certification in 2017.
** Medina Optical, Inc. is a separate business entity, but we share common philosophy and values and seek to provide a synergistic experience for our patients’ and clients’ needs.

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