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We are a medical practice dedicated to full-spectrum eye care, from age 6 to 106. (Children under 6 usually benefit most from seeing a Pediatric Ophthalmologist, owing to the unique testing and equipment needs for the younger ages—especially at their smaller scale!—but please feel welcome to inquire about a referral, as there are excellent specialists in our area.)

Education and experience define a physician: Dr. James McMillan was raised on the Eastside and is a graduate of Bellevue High School. His subsequent educational roots include Stanford University (BS with Honors '86), the University of California San Francisco (MD '90) and residency at Harvard's Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary (1994). After completing his training, he returned to the Northwest and spent more than six years as an associate to the internationally recognized eye surgeon and innovator David McIntyre, MD FACS, at the McIntyre Eye Clinic and Surgical Center in Bellevue, where he likewise came to be honored with Fellowship in the American College of Surgeons (FACS), one of the world’s premier medical societies. Inspired and enlightened with ideals he wished to pursue, Dr. McMillan went on to open Medina Eye PS – Ophthalmic Consultants of Bellevue in the year 2000. His desire was to create a very patient-focused, "tertiary" level of attention in a comfortable primary care setting. Forgoing high-volume patient flow and multiple assistants, a full hour would be allocated with the physician for comprehensive examinations and a half-hour for specific-concern office calls, so as to ensure adequate time to fully explore and address questions and provide clear answers.

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Advances in technology have been particularly exciting in our field and Medina Eye PS – Ophthalmic Consultants of Bellevue maintains cutting-edge instrumentation on-site for both diagnosis and treatment. In many cases, a single visit can achieve what may require multiple return trips in other settings (even at the advanced academic institutions where Dr. McMillan trained). For instance, wide-field digital retinal imaging and small-pupil stereo imaging systems have largely eliminated the need to dilate pupils for general examinations, so the productivity of the rest of your day need not be sacrificed to ensure a thorough evaluation.

As a smaller office focused on personal attention, we also endeavor to respect our patients’ time--to see everyone as promptly as possible and ensure they are able to attend to their other obligations afterward. Waits are typically less than fifteen minutes and paperwork is kept to a minimum. Our location in downtown Bellevue, close to Bellevue Square/The Bellevue Collection, Washington Square and downtown businesses and residences, offers exceptional access and is within easy walking distance to many residences and offices. Parking is usually readily available and our building is wheelchair accessible via external ramp. We keep a wheelchair on site and are pleased to offer transport up or down to your car or coordinated with a driver, as needed. Furthermore, through our close association with Medina Optical, Inc., there is exceptional Eyewear and top-notch Optical assistance readily at hand, to meet all your eyeglass and contact lens needs. Increasingly rare in the optical trade, Jim Martin was classically apprentice-trained and professionally licensed (LDO), investing years honing the knowledge and skills to offer expert opinion and service. He is available daily to advise and assist you in choosing, enhancing or repairing your frames and lenses.

In short, our patients will never be just "numbers" to us!

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